What BGMH Provides

Case Management Services and Educational Programs


BGMH provides in home education programs such as: nutrition, infant safety, budget planning and management, and parenting strategies. We also assist our clients in accessing other services available through outside agencies that provide counseling for various needs including substance abuse, domestic violence,  parenting courses, adoption services (if they so choose), and housing.

Shelter, Food, and Transportation


BGMH has two large homes with 12 beds (10 private bedrooms), 4.5 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, a large dining room, 2 living rooms, central heat and air, and laundry facilities. We have two employees living on premises to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients have access to a stocked refrigerator and pantry to prepare their own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a shared meal with all residents. BGMH also has two large passenger vans to transport the women and their infants to doctor appointments, housing appointments, child visits, and work.

Camaraderie & Spiritual Development


In addition to our shared dinner in the home, we have a large living room and beautiful backyard to spend time socializing with each other. We have an annual reunion BBQ and like any family, BGMH  is always there to assist our ladies if needed and our home is always open to our past residents to share in the holidays such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. We begin each morning with daily devotions and encourage our clients to participate in the church of their choice to foster another avenue of guidance and support.  

Former Residents



Before BGMH I was staying in a tent in the summer heat suffering from depression and losing hope and determination for life. I was in my last trimester of pregnancy with no place to go. I knew the outdoor life was not fit for a newborn. I've had a lot of tragedy in my family. I am the oldest of five - always the strong one. At BGMH I didn't have to be the strong one. I found good friends and new joy in life when I saw the precious light in babies' eyes. I know there is heavenly beauty on this planet every day.


What BGMH means to me...A second chance, a new start, peace and spirituality, love and happiness are just a few words that come to mind. I am a 41 year old recovering drug addict. When I discovered I was pregnant with my first child, I was addicted and homeless. By the grace of God I was led to BGMH. I was greeted as if I were a long lost family menber returning home. Lenore was an angel of mercy. I've remained clean and now have a beautiful daughter named Destanee Marie. She was born two weeks after I arrived at BGMH - she came three weeks early. My dear mother got to see her before she passed away two weeks later.


We have had the privilege of working with "SAMANTHA" who, in her thirties, came to us from our waiting list of pregnant women. She was in her last trimester and sleeping in a car. This woman was pregnant with her 9th child and suffering from serious PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety, depression and was the survivor of previous domestic violence. Her oldest 3 children were in another county, living with her mother, and she faced a discouraging battle with CPS for her other six children. As we assessed her needs and developed a game plan for her success, she slowly began to trust and come out of her shell. She began engaging in our classes and socializing with other residents. Slowly she started gaining self-esteem and completing her requirements for reunification with her other children. She showed interest in building a relationship with Christ and accepted suggestions on how to obtain a foundation with Him. The more she was educated and provided with warm encouragement, the greater her stride. After the birth of her beautiful healthy baby girl she began breastfeeding and allowing herself to bond with her new daughter. When CPS came to remove the baby (after five days at the home with mom) she still DIDN'T give up. The technicality that caused them to remove the baby was so insignificant and yet traumatizing for both mom and baby that BGMH decided to go to bat for her. Case Management gathered evidence of all her completed activities, clean drug tests, and a letter of recommendation for the court. We also advocated for her during the trial and testified before family court on her behalf Her daughter was returned to her custody and they are both thriving at B.G.M.H. "SAMANTHA" continues to flourish and gain parenting skills, self confidence and better communication with her other children. Although she has a arduous journey ahead, she has been a shining light of hope for all of us. During her growth we have provided peer-counseling, life skills, group therapy with a LMFT, therapy for survivors of trauma, parenting skills, transportation and an array of assistance to best support her success. It is our firm belief that by providing basic necessities of life, food, shelter and security, our residents have time to "take-pause" and re-evaluate their circumstances. They have full bellies and restful sleep so that they are better equipped to handle the emotionally draining process of striving forward against much opposition.